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Stop struggling with docker volumes

For a time I used to suffer when setting up a volume on the host in which a client should be able to “own” it. But giving some more experience the pattern of solution became clear. Probably there’s other ways of doing the same but this is the way I’m used to right now.

In this example I’m going to show to mount the database folder of a graphite service in the host to be able to reuse it on reboots.

Detect the uid and gid of the folder on the container

docker exec -it 710ec sh -c "ls -l -n /var/lib/graphite"
-rw-r--r-- 1 105 106    0 May 19 00:47 search_index
drwxr-xr-x 4 105 106 4096 May 22 22:26 whisper

So the uid is 105 and the gid is 106.

Create a user and a group with the ids

If your system already have those uids and gids you can skip this step. But in most cases probability points for you to having to create those.

echo "graphitedata:x:106:" >> /etc/group
newusers <<< "graphitedata:foobar:105:106:graphitedata::/bin/bash"

Give the permission in the host for the user and group

chown -R graphitedata:graphitedata /path/to/the/host/database

Point to the volume in the startup

docker run ... -v /path/to/the/host/database:/var/lib/graphite $imageid "..."

That’s it, it’s simple and solve the majority of my problems. If it is useful for you too let me know :).