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Good why's


Who as a child never felt bullshitted by something your parents were saying was important?

  • Y: I want to go to the pool
  • A: You have to wait until the evening
  • Y: Why?
  • A: A full belly and water don’t mix.
  • Y: Why?
  • A: Don’t go over there! Your going do drown!
  • Y: Why?
  • A: bla, bla, some bullshit here, bla, bla, because I say so, bla

They don’t have the answers. And they are too arrogant to admit that most of the time, then they rely on authority.

The fact is most parents are simply children with children.


Most teachers are barely an improvement.

Why is it important to study anything?

I went through middle school without a good answer to that. The one’s that were available to me were: to not fail your tests or stretching a bit: to get a job.

Many public school teachers in Brazil don’t even seem to be convinced themselves that the thing that they are trying to teach you is important. Teachers can be so demotivating that no matter how much they try to scare you they will not convince you to do their stuff.

Why chemistry is important?

Because someone decided it’s on the curriculum and you will be held accountable to fail on answering the questions. I’ll make you swallow this list of formulas and apply on that test.

We leave school many times not realizing why it matters to study.

My firt realization

By the end of my middle-school, in an extra electronics course that I finally found good reasons for studying.

I could see where the math I was studying could be plainly applied to build things in the real world. I also saw my teacher as someone that knew a lot and was collecting amazing fruits with it. He had a good life. Was able to build cool stuff. Won some national prizes by his skills.

Going deeper

Much later I was able to link the efforts of knowledge with deeper and more poetic, numinous reasons.

The possibility to understand the world, to see beyond what our eyes can usually see. To be astonished by the only miracle worth the name: the universe. All the “ordinary” experiences are all but that when understood through the lens of science.