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My values

Is pretty common to see companies list their core values. But you rarely see individuals doing that. For me the later is even more important. Know thyself in order to direct the boat of life.

  • Knowledge
  • Impact
  • Honesty
  • Mindfulness
  • Goodness


This is the higher on my list. More than learning I value knowledge. There’s nothing in this life more noble than understanding. Nothing more poetic than the reality underneath our eyes and science is the portal for it’s discovery.

The deepest solace lies in understanding,
This ancient unseen stream,
A shudder before the beautiful

Richard Dawkins


Being truth to oneself and to others - no matter what. This approach enables a new way of life, very distinct of what people are used to. And probably there’s no better way to build durable and happy relationships.


To focus in improving things a bit around me.


It matters much more when you use the knowledge you have in order to improve the world in some way. This is also pretty important for me.


The other values impose a big “burden” to carry and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Mindfulness is key to keep sanity on the journey. This value also correlates with introspection, and self-criticism. The ability recognize failures, and to adapt.

That’s enough exposure for today. If you want to truly connect share yours with me!