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Simple graphite with Statsd container

Some time ago, I wrote this container to be able to use graphite with statsd.

It follows this tutorial of installation provided by digital ocean so you don’t have to worry to much it’s simply working.

To start it one can use the following:

imageid=$(docker images \ 
| grep graphite_statsd \ 
| cut -d " " -f18)
docker run
-p 6667:8125/udp -p 4040:80 \ 
-v /home/ubuntu/agregation-data:/var/lib/graphite \
$imageid "
service postgresql start   \
& service apache2 start \
    & service carbon-cache start \
    & sleep 10 & \
    /usr/bin/nodejs \ 
    /usr/share/statsd/stats.js \

And to agregate data the following

echo  "gandalf:222|3" | nc -u -w0 6667

That’s it, maybe on the future I’ll write about some settings one may do on statsd to get better precision on graphite.