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Game development wandering

I’ll enlist where some game experiments I made till now.

Math Game

This is a experiment part of my graduation work. This is an HTML5 game intended to work in all platforms. I expect to improve it yet.

3D RPG in Ogre 3D

This is a side effect of some study I made in Ogre 3D abstraction. Ogre is really complex so this will probably no go long.

Console RPG in C++

I worked too in a console RPG i took inspiration from this awesome tutorial. I tought I lost this job, nevertheless it’s worth mentioning.

2D Mario like game in Quintus

This experiment is really cool, I’ll look for it cause I’m sure that I still posses it somewhere.

This is it. Not a quite exhaustive list; anyway this little experience already gave-me some insights of how cool could be a game development.