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Front in Floripa impressions

This Saturday I went to Front in Floripa with a friend (Vinicius Dacal). I don’t lie on my blog: in the beginning I felt like the only stranger (backend developer) on unwelcome lands. But this impression quickly dissolved and in the end I had a really good time. The talks we’re good, whether, the place,food and mainly the people.

Really all the talks we’re nice, but here is some of the stronger impressions I got from some of them:

I saw tiny useful tips on the JavaScript secrets talk. Like functional methods, some entirely new for me, others that I didn’t knew existed on JavaScript.

The animations lecture gave some nice insights about how animations are built for real, in places like Disney. And I got this nice book recommendation: The illusion of the life. I discover about WebAnimation specification on this talk as well.

The talk about dss was nice as well, you can checkout the project here. Gui talked about constantly improving as well, about the importance of being the in a place where you are the least knowledgeable of all. I cannot agree fully on it but certainly it injected some reflections on my mind.

On a pause we talked with Juarez and Raphael, about jobs, new tendencies, cities, OS’s and lots of other things.

Afterwards we saw Raphael talking about WEBGL and I’m really impressed about this guy. The knows a lot and is extremely new, and tries to be funny :P. He gave me new inspiration towards game (mainly 3D) development.

Juarez talked about Ionic. I liked how much you can accomplish In little time with Ionic. But it, as well, seems like the Wordpress of mobiles, don’t get me wrong - it’s not a bad thing - only don’t fit with my preferences.

I don’t recall which of the talkers said but here I’ll quote: “ You don’t need to know all the insane collections of technologies available for frontend nowadays. What matters is that you know about them in a way that, when you need some of them, you will now the tool you need exists, then you can learn and apply them. “

In the end of the event we went to a pub. We got a ride with a nice guy and talked about work experiences on the trip.

Everyone was really gentle and funny. We got some free beer and I really hope I could stay longer.

Leaving the pub I was stopped by a guy who says he knew me, he read some of my posts and checkout my profile on Wakatime and encouraged me to send a talk on PHP SC. It was great :).

In the journey home we talked about what matters in this kind of events is the feeling, that inspiration one’s get. You don’t need really advanced talks to get it, and certainly will not get it from YouTube. I think this is the most important aspect of participating of events. You may not learn awesome new things, but you will see people like you, struggling with similar problems. You will see their will to overcome these problems and make others life easier. And you see all of it and see the same on yourself, and This serves as an fuel for your technology aspirations.

To resume it was a nice day and certainly I will not miss the next edition, and stay longer next time as well.