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A year of my Arch installation

I’ve been with the same installation of a Archlinux more than a year now.

sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda2 | grep created
Filesystem created:       Fri Oct 10 09:14:32 2014

It may seem not a big deal but by my SO’s perspective probably this is the longest strike on the same distro.

It was - as usual - a not easy year, but undoubtedly it was a fun one. Many times I broke things, but not even once I was unable to log back.

Things that are yet broken

The web cam is broken, there’s a project to solve it but it’s not finished yet. And probably it will never be, cause we depend upon the good will for liberating the specification.

Kernel 4 is unstable for me and the Qt applications are barely usable. So for now I’m running an older lts version, following my philosophy of slow riding kernel upgrades.

This is in fact a partial true. It was certainly true right after the Kernel 4 release and it’s first minors. Now Qt applications are normally usable. And Kernel 4 improved a lot in stability but yet it’s far from the 3.15 version in my experience.

Awesome things

My desktop is incredible for my experience, totally customized and fitted for me, it answers to my unique requirements. With it I fell like I’m practising the perfect continuous improvement.

I’m a full Unix guy since I’m using Arch. Now I’m a full time vim user, together with tmux and lots of other scripts my usage is simply ingenious.

My battery duration is greater then on OSX. If I take care of what I’m using I can take it to 15 hours.

Arch is about responsibility, the system will never grow outdated, so is up to the user to keep it fresh (don’t messing up with things).

My system is pretty robust, and there’s no problem that I cannot tackle (beyond those already listed). This is partly about responsibility already mentioned. I now find really essential a extensive documentation about the software I use, and it gives me insights far beyond those simply “users” have.

Yet following the responsibility principle, started doing almost daily backups with the really useful rsync.

The future

If I don’t mess up critically (and it’s backup) I’ll continue working with this installation till the end of times.

I really feel on solid ground with Arch and the power it enables it’s users. Thanks Archlinux community!