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A container for Statsd with Mongo Backend

At Compufácil we are starting using docker on development environments, so this week I had to find or create a container that uses Mongo for our Statsd stack.

After some time looking for a Statsd+Mongo I realised that there was none, so I started building one by my own.

I must say that configuring nodejs is not a so simplistic task on docker’s Ubuntu. But after some time, and a last delay due to udp port and docker (that I didn’t know I had to set) all was done.

And it’s working amazingly. You can checkout the source code and the docker hub repository. If you liked it let me know :).

An last note: it’s incredible how much disk docker uses when you need to build the image on your machine. I need to research lighter alternatives to this process, by know I’ll keep cleaning my disk from time to time.