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A bit of poetry

The way

How to appreciate life The value of true relationships Finding better ways of being

To enjoy the moment and continue Loving more, bit by bit This is the way to go Where I don’t know But it will be good

Well being

Your well being is now a fundamental part of mine But in my inner dialogue I’m selfish I want you happy by my side, forever

The better angel side tends to wind though I want you happy without me And it does not dare to think love is forever

Now I love, now I have you I dream of children, of calling you spouse Who knows tomorrow

The truth is I am so lucky having found love in this instant in my corner of the universe I don’t ask for more

An autumn morning

A sunlight through the leaves

The birds singing life The autumn floor

A parks bench


Love, for most it means too much Attachment, need, thirst These things are good only in moderation To hold you near me all the times is preventing you to be what you must be

I love you more when you are out there When you face cold reality with your fighting spirit When you show your vulnerability but commands your strength That’s when …

I don’t want you to be the perfect, that’s boring Actually I love you more because you are so Human

I don’t want to be your crutch I want to be your trampolim To make you reach new heights To be there with you, deserving it

This way our moments together will be the best Sure there will be falls and we will support one another But the support is in order for us not to fall too much Not to make ourselves unrecognizable Not to be what philosophy demands of us The real crime

Love and science

I hate poetry about love From the beauty virgin To the perfect prince What a shallow occupation

The stars, the quasars The neutrinos, the quarks The algorithm and the genome Calculus and the neuron

Nature demands our attention To wonder in it’s secrets, a life’s occupation!