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With sshfs one can mount some remote folders on it’s host using the SSH protocol.

I discovered this little tool while trying to setup a stack for developing a GPU algorithm directly inside Amazon - since I don’t have a GPU in my machine. From back then I incorporated it as a debugging tool for Compufácil and I’m really pleased with it.

The main point in using it is that after the file system is mounted one can use it’s editor in a local buffer (without delays) to do one’s debugging/development stuff. Beyond performance, One can even use all the magic of it’s local editor, without having to be stuck with some remote vanilla vim.

Mount the file system


Umount the file system

fusermount -u $LOCAL_FOLDER

I also read that it can be used as entry on /etc/fstab to automatize the mounting the process. If you liked the tool I recommend the excellent documentation on Arch’s wiki.