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New Blog Engine

I’m landing today a new version of my blog. For long I’ve being growing tired of managing a full stack, API first, blog. Now I’m using Jekyll with this theme. What impressed me most about Jekyll is how easy it is to setup, by my estimations it took a single evening to migrate everything.

Now with a static application is much easier to develop and deploy. In short, all I have to do is to write a markdown file and deploy it via a simple makefile using rsync to send it to my Digital Ocean droplet. Take a look at the makefile:

all: build serve

build: clear
	jekyll build
	jekyll serve
	rm -rf _build
deploy: build
	rsync -a _build/ [email protected]$(BLOG_IP):/var/www/html

With the ease of creating new posts I hope to ship them more often. For more details you can check my blog repository.